Faith Based Travel

Bring Your Church Community Together!       ​​​

​What better way to join the people of your worshiping community together than a properly run trip? Whether you are traveling to widen your under​standing of the Lord, embarking on a spiritual pilgrimage, or just traveling for fun, we have​ you covered!

Travel Ideas

Museum of art philly church groupsThe Philadelphia Museum of Art features various Christian and Jewish exhibits. Examine images by many of the greatest artists of the Renaissance, such as van Eych, Botticelli, and Bellini on your guided tour  focusing on faith. ​
Travel Ideas

  • ​​Sights and Sounds Theater
  • Rallies or Events
  • Italy and The Vatican
  • Cathedrals
  • Conventions
  • Sporting Events
  • Theme Parks
  • National Parks
  • Museums


Let Us Take Care of it!

Carr’s Holidays, Inc. team of travel professionals plans your entire trip around you. Every part of your trip is tailored to meet your group’s specific needs. We arrange transportation, lodging, meals, attractions, and much more. With our deep understanding of the travel world and our commitment to unparalleled customer service your trip is almost assured to be a success!